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YouTube - MenareSHIT01's Channel


Joined: October 25, 2008
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I support castration of sex offenders.
"Look him in the eyes when you kick him in the balls." -MENareSHIT

-Pro Castration of first time sex-offenders.
-Supports death penalty for rape.
Name: Jessica

Country: United States
Interests and Hobbies: tae kwon do
Movies and Shows: Lifetime,*Saw movies;the men being punished
Books: anything shotacon

A friend of mine sent me this link to a YouTube profile that I found very interesting indeed. She describes herself as a REAL feminist, and displays an erotic fixation with castration. I checked out the link where I was greeted by a video of a man being tortured by two females, in a display of intense BDSM. One woman has his balls hooked up by a tether, as she yanks on it, while another woman kicks him in the balls. It was kind of hot.

MenareSHIT01's channel is comprised of various YouTube videos that she has selected as "Favorites," which include: How To Treat A Pedophile - a video of a man (presumably a pedophile - the video is not in English, it's hard to tell) being beaten mercilessly by an angry mob, Saw 3 - Timothy Death Rack, Hostel 2 - The Cutting Scene, Saw 5 - The Pendulum Trap, RoboCop: The Death of Alex Murphy Uncut, Man Cuts Off Penis - which by the way... unlike the other videos has no real violence. It's merely a comedic sketch where a man tells the other that he has an STD... and the other man responds by cutting off his own penis (obviously staged and not shown), Pig Castration Video part 2, Pig Castration, and of course Project X - The Castration Experiment.

Here is a comment that she left on her own page:

"All young men and boys(Especially ManicRevelation) are violent and perverted just like fuckin animals are and in fact even worse than animals! animals are atleast neutered, but you men should'nt have penises we women shall cut them off slowly and painfully until we finish it! Having balls is completely unnatural. You stupid men cannot function in society nor respect women like me in anyway. therefore we should torture every man and boy! once we do that, we will feed their genitals to the dogs! And then we will cut the dogs' penises off. Once we do that, we will feed it to the man!!! And then we will chop HIS FUCKEN HEAD OFFFFFFF!!!!!!1!!!!!!!1!!111!!!!!!111"

She mentioned a YouTube user named, ManicRevelation. Here is what he had to say:
"You have some of the most disgusting shit I have ever seen on this page, and for what reason? How did this make anything any better? You can't stereotype people and dump your hate all over them because you have personal fucking problems. Seriously, some of the sickest shit I have ever seen, and you've attracted my hatred toward your kind enough to watch you, and I will not simply go away. If you actually want to debate me in a civilized, dignified manner and offer your twisted views some support, please feel free to do so."

Here is an interesting comment from a user called "jadedrevelations" (Relation???!):

"Wow .. way to play into it, people. This is all a joke. It's done for shock value and to get attention. I mean, come on, to say men are disgusting and violent and then condone violence and have nothing but violence and gore vidoes posted should be enough to tell you of her obvious hipocrisy. It's not funny to most, but some share her humor. Just don't play into it. She'll be mutilating kittens in no time and move away from YouTube. "

This young lady, who has the appearance of the typical layabout found at, seems to have something called "penis envy." Penis envy in Freudian psychoanalysis refers to the theorized reaction of a girl during her psychosexual development to the realization that she does not have a penis. Freud considered this realization a defining moment in the development of gender and sexual identity for women. According to Freud, the parallel reaction in boys to the realization that girls do not have a penis is castration anxiety.

In contemporary culture, the term is sometimes used inexactly or metaphorically to refer to the idea that women wish they had a penis, or to refer to anxieties between men about the size of their genitals.

There is a post on a men's forum called "" from a user named 'Carnival of Reaction,' that I find relevant to this subject. This is what he had to say:

Feminism is obsessed with castration. It jokes about castrating men all the time (and you know what Freud said about sexual jokes). It also tries to turn castration into public policy by saying it is a good idea to castrate rapists (and then declaring that all men are rapists.)

Feminism encourages women to carry out their own freelance castrations by idolising women who castrate their partners. It also encourages genital mutilation of little boys- and what is circumcision but a timid castration? Even in the field of architecture they obsess about the penis like qualities of tall buildings and advocate tearing them down.

Castration is carried into the mental realm as well- the constant belittling of men is a form of mental castration, and the feminists are well aware of it. This is why feminists seek to destroy the pride of men by alleging impotence or a small penis- the feminists are unable to castrate the man physically so they do so mentally.

They will even sacrifice the physical safety of women in order to indulge their sick fantasies- women’s self defence consists of lessons in damaging men’s genitals to the exclusion of all else.

Where does this great glee in castration come from? Why should a woman devote much of her adult life to discussing it? How is it that an entire political philosophy obsesses upon this one thing?

The answer is sex- and power.

In primates the dominant male will often signal his dominance by an erection. This fills feminists with an obsessive fear of penises and a desire to destroy them- because they can never grow one themselves. This fear takes a number of forms- one of which is the baseless belief that men everywhere want to rape them.

Another motor of this perversion is that castration is rather like a particularly explosive orgasm. During ejaculation a woman may become aware of the hot semen spurting from her partners body- yet this can never compare with the thrill of castrating an erect penis. Blood is hotter than semen and gushes out by the pint. Blood will spray the walls and the ceiling, it will soak the mattress and form lakes on the floor.

Sexual killers will often take trophies from their victims that the killer believes will bring power to the holder. What better trophy could there be than the penis of a dead castrated man? If the killer is bisexual then the dried penis can even play another role- as a sort of strap on dildo. The feminist may also fantasise about cutting the dead penis into small pieces and eating a little each day- for strength.

These fantasies are very common among women- but decency keeps them in check most of the time.

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  1. women, listen up... you can NEVER change a man once he has been abused and mentally castrated by another. No amount of love,money or time will ever undo it. I speak from could more easily tame an abused,rabid fuckin pit bull than an abused diseased MAN. So yes, I agree. Fuck them ALL!!! Emotional retards and deadbeat losers.And one more thing,they all lie compulsively to themselves and others