Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Like To Fuck With People's Heads

Shangi, here! I'd just like to make another post for the hell of it. Readers of this blog will come to know, that I like to fuck with people's heads. There's a lot of sarcasm in my writings, and I think spelling out when I'm joking, and when I'm not, is rather boring. I'll let you guys figure it out for yourself.

I'd like to consider myself somewhat of an amateur anthropologist, testing the waters, seeing how people react to different things. It shows what people really are deep inside. I'd like to think of each and every being on this planet as part of my social experimentation, much like The Joker experiments with the people of Gotham City.

I seem to bring out the best of people. If I say something you don't like, you'll track me down and publish my e-mail address for all to see. Sometimes, I'm not kidding around though, and that's where confusion sets in. I like to confuse people. It keeps people on their toes, keeps them guessing, and that way... I'll never be boring.

The attacks on me by people like Juilan Real of The Radical Feminist blog, is exactly what I want out of this blog. Every time he tries to go out of his way to hurt me, it reveals just how hypocritical people like him are. And that's what I'm all about, exposing the ridiculous. Careful what actions you might choose to take, you never know when you might be playing right into my hands.

Take care, sickos. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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