Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Julian Real"

Julian Real, you're a punk
Faking down Fake Street, fake in the funk
You're a bitch, whiny man-child little snitch
MadShangi says “Fuck what you pitch!”
You're a bitch, and you're just like a pony
giving kid's rides, 'cause you sad and lonely
You think you own me, but I own you
Grow some balls, bitch – 'cause I own two
Your life is through, 'cause you try to hang me
But, you punk: you can't fuck with MadShangi
I can say what I wanna say, 'cause it's my blog
And if you don't like it, you can go fuck the dog
Cause I know you do anyway
If the dog shits, eat it, 'cause fuck what you say
You publish my name, so I'm a publish yours
'Cause punks like you are just like cold sores
Pussy, it's time to smarten up, you little wussy
MadShangi says: “Fuck this Little Tootsie!”
I may be no Vanilla Ice, but I don't give fuck
MadShangi just showed up 'cause you suck
Call the cops, coward 'cause you're overpowered
Get devoured! 'Cause your milk has soured
I've broken no laws, and my records are clean
Julian Real is just venting his spleen
Sit down, take it like a man, Peter Pan, Neverland
'cause you've just been shit-canned
So you was touched when you were little
It's not like I'm unsympathetic...
But that's no excuse for you to be this pathetic
Stop. Now. And seek some help, get your head checked
'Cause the shit you write is mind-wrecked
Bullshit – motherfucker, pull shit – let's expose it
Gangster-fronting feminized boy, that fronts to pose it
I know what your last name is, but I'm the one that's Real
So deal! And like a pig you will squeal for your meal
That's your appeal, Julian Real

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