Thursday, November 20, 2008

Julian Real Gives The People What They Want... More Shangi!

Julian Real just can't get me out of his head. That's why I'm the subject of once again, another one of his blogs. To say that he isn't obsessed with me, only to have every waking thought he has to be of me, is very telling how much in denial he is. You can check out Julian's latest rant about me HERE.

To view his YouTube video, in which he speaks about himself and his opinion that he doesn't hate women, see this. A significantly less serious warning: this video is rambling and boring.

Much like your blogs? Eh, Julian? That's why you need to give the people more of they want. And that's more of me. I'm way more interesting than you, so you just give up writing your own words, and give your readers something more interesting to read. You might as well copy everything from my blogs, and keep posting my videos - 'cause they have an entertainment value of "9," while everything you do has an entertainment value of "2." You get two points for at least giving me something to riff on every time your dumb ass sits down in front of your computer.

"Fuck The Feminists" sure did as it intended to do... and that was to piss people like you off. Publish my e-mail address all you want, it only proves how obsessed with me you are.

He reportedly is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is listed as 24 years old, and is white with short to medium-length brown hair. Women should regard him as a dangerous individual.

Oh, and Patrick Doran, re: your allegations of me stalking and being, um, attracted to you:

You're not my type. My type is humane, thoughtful, caring, profeminist (anti-racist, anti-misogynist, anti-homophobic) men who don't behave like the stupid, hateful asshole you repeatedly portray yourself to be.

Well, Julian. Everybody knows that women love bad boys. So ladies, thanks to Julian... you all know my e-mail address. If you're interested in hooking up with this "dangerous individual." Holla. ;)

Revealing how misogynistic, antifeminist, antiWomanist men behave is part of my political work, and reporting men who threaten to kill women is important for anyone to do. Therefore, I'm placing your threatening statement here, with your contact information, where it might be seen by someone living in your part of Canada who can report and/or arrest you.

(That's not an invitation to go out on a date, in case you are still confused.)

Your motives are very clear to me, Julian. You're a sick individual, with no sense of humor, an emotional axe to grind against men, with borderline stalkerish tendencies. If you really weren't obsessed with me, you wouldn't have spent so much time on me, like I knew you were going to do. You've opened a can of worms here, Julian. Going after me was the dumbest mistake you can ever make. I don't care what you say about me, 'cause every time you do, I have something to write about in my blog. That's part of MY political work.

So give the people what they really want. And that's more Shangi.