Saturday, March 21, 2009

MadShangi on Poser Lesbian Bullshit or Jessica Valenti on "The Colbert Report"

Admitedly I don't really have an axe to grind or much interest in Jessica Valenti, but I've seen some videos from her - and read a little bit of It's some boring shit. But I found her comments pretty interesting considering the photos you see here in the video. This is Jessica Valenti on The Colbert Report whoring her book "Full Frontal Feminism."

Time for a crackdown on women who dress in sexually provocative clothes

Thugtician leads the charge against female on male sexual harassement.

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Divorce: Men Wealthy, Women Poor? I Think Not, Daily Mail!

A look at a piece of propoganda found in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper. The article claims that women are left struggling after divorce, while men are wealthier. We will come to see that it is complete rubbish, and examine the ways statistics were misread and skewed for the purposes' of the authors' agenda.

For the Original Daily Mail Article:

For a more elaborate breaking down of the Daily Mail article. Go to FeckBlog.


There is a section in the video where the sound cuts out. Sorry for the inconvenience there. Please be patient, for the sound comes back on. It's just too bad that we miss out on the little bit that's lost due to the sound malfunction.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oprah says, "1 in 3 Men Cheat" Huffington Post says "1 in 3 Married Moms Cheat"

The Sensitivity of the Vulva - Hysterical Reactions from Feminazis.


Inspired by the hilarious comments I read about the above video, I decided to post a response video of me reading the more ridiculous comments on YouTube.

The Reproducton Rights of Men

FEMINISM... You been played


Feminism has misled many women into thinking they were being granted equality when all the while they were being stripped of their families...


If You Don't Like What I Have To Say...

This was a response to a letter I got from a girl from Ireland who didn't like that I responded positively to Thugtician's "Delusional Women" video. So I'm politely telling her to go fuck herself. In her letter, before she gets into details of her personal life that I don't give a rat's ass about - moaning on about how I can't speak my mind about man stuff because she's had a terrible boyfriend -- she writes "I know I shouldn't bore you with the details of my personal life but I feel fucking compelled to.." Oh! A woman that feels compelled to tell a complete stranger details about her personal life! That's unheard of! Everyone wanna complain about their boyfriends to the Shangster, like he give a shit. Blow me.

Ireland Woman Jailed for Incest, Child Abuse

BBC personality made 40 false rape allegations against her ex-boyfriend

For the Full Story click here!

RE: Delusional Women


Man Who Didn't Father Twins Is Forced To Pay Child Support


An Irish woman who forced a teenage son to have sex with her and abused and starved her other five children in a rat-infested bungalow has been jailed for seven years. The teenager was forced to have sex with his mother, now aged 40, on four occasions over a six-year period, the Irish Independent newspaper said. The woman from central Ireland admitted to police her children now aged between 10 and 19 were often blue with cold, had dinner only twice a week and had lice crawling over their bodies. "It was a house of horrors with bells on," the mother, who was not named in order to protect the identity of the children, was quoted as saying by several Irish newspapers. "I can safely say that I was the worst mother in the world and I'd turn back the clock if I could, but I can't," she said. The woman was given 7 years and concurrent sentences of 6 years on counts of carnal knowledge, incest and wilful neglect, Ireland's Courts Service said in a statement. Judge Miriam Reynolds said she would have given the woman a life sentence had she been a man, but the maximum sentence for women in such cases was seven years, the Irish Times newspaper reported on its website. The woman is believed to be the first female convicted of incest in Ireland. Austria shocked the world last year with what media dubbed the "house of horrors" case of Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter in a cellar for 24 years and fathered seven children by her. Fritzl will go on trial on March 16 on charges including the murder of one of their children. The Irish woman from the central county of Roscommon admitted a total of 10 charges including incest, sexual abuse, neglect and ill-treatment. The teenage son who was forced to have sex with her was quoted as saying by the irish Independent: "I was crying. She was my mother. Why did she do that to me?". The children, who were moved to foster care in 2004, told healthcare workers their mother regularly left them on their own before coming home drunk around 3-4 a.m and arguing incoherently with them. A police investigation began in 2005 after the eldest child revealed details of the abuse to Health Board staff. One daughter said nits used to crawl down her face and their mother forbade her and her sister from tying up their hair because they would become too obvious, the Independent said. "Mammy didn't take care of us right," one child said.


Feminists Try To Shut Down

Wow! I Have Two Followers Again...

Well, that's good because now this blog is going through a major overhaul. Instead of letting this thing sit here and rot. The Shangster is now making this part of a new website being developed. So stay tuned for that. Now. I will be catching up on things by posting my latest videos.