Monday, November 17, 2008

"Fuck The Feminists"

Fuck the Feminists, 'cause they've gone too far
MadShangi's gonna expose what cunts they are
I'm no fake, and I'm no player
MadShangi is the motherfucking truth sayer
You say you want equality, you're lyin'
You're just a greedy bitch that wants what's mine
You stupid bitch, don't be a sequel
To the last bitch that thought she was equal
You're a stupid ass motherfucking bitch ass ho
MadShangi says: “Fuck your soul!”
Don't cry about a wage gap, it's a load of crap
MadShangi's got the facts, so shut your trap
You dumb little bitches are crying and shit
You dumb little bitches are going to have a fit
You got your numbers right, but you read them wrong
That's why I'm a correct you with this song
'cause women don't earn less because of sexism
MadShangi's gonna put some sense in 'em
Women earn less 'cause of the choices they make
like all the time off that they take
Most women won't choose back-breaking labor
And those kinds of jobs are the ones that pay more
Women take a year off when they get knocked up
They can take as many years for every kid they cough up
They cut out early, they take more vacations
MadShangi won't give a bitch half his life savings
By marrying a bitch that's in it for the money
'Cause MadShangi ain't no motherfucking dummy
Yo marriage is a business, the woman's getting paid
You might as well pay a whore, just to get laid
Divorces are high, and they're only getting higher
You might as well stick your dick in the fryer
'Cause the next bitch could be just like Heather Mills
Sad bitches like her drown their sorrows with pills
Missing a fucking leg is nothing compared
To what she did to Paul McCartney, be scared
So MadShangi is going to educate you dumb motherfuckers
MadShangi says: Marriage Is For Suckers
Y'all gang up and put men to silence
And tell us that we commit 90% of violence
Your numbers are wrong, the stats are even
It's kind of funny what a bitch will believe in
If you hit me, I'll fucking hit you back
MadShangi would knock your bitch-ass flat
I'll fuck you up, I'll stomp on your head
MadShangi would kill a bitch dead
Gonna spill more blood than your average thriller
'Cause MadShangi is the Feminist Killer

Fuck the Feminists, 'cause they're so full of shit
MadShangi is sick of it
This propaganda is making me weary
MadShangi's gonna make you see clearly
Lorena Bobbit should be in jail, instead she got off
for taking a knife and hacking her husband's cock off
That's fucking assault, it's attempted murder
instead you believe her bullshit about how he hurt her
'case he somehow “abused” her, it makes it okay
'Cause bitches aren't responsible for what they do or say
'Cause you're the kind of bitch that gets behind Mary Winkler
who shot her husband dead, watched him bleed like a sprinkler
She took a shotgun, shot her preacher husband in the back
and told us all that it was a self-defense act
and she gets invited on Oprah, to tell her sad tale
After only spending three years in jail
She holds up a white shoe and hangs her head in mock shame
The shoe he “made her wear,” how fucking lame
If it was self-defense, then explain if you can
what's so threatening about a sleeping man?
When Andrea Yates drowned her babies they expressed:
The notion that she's the victim, 'cause she was “depressed”
Fucking bullshit, I'm sick of the excuse
For women who kill, because they suffered abuse
And the bitches get off 'cause we're all soft for a woman
When the bitch we're soft for is cold and wooden
I ain't like no other bitch motherfucker
MadShangi's not soft on a murderous mother
I'd rather see bitches like that suffer
Word to the motherfucker

Fuck the feminists, 'cause they're ball-breaking bitches
MadShangi's gonna burn all them witches
you would get behind the bitch that shot Andy Warhol
'cause the crazy ass bitch is your role model
Don't cry like a bitch, 'cause I don't empathize
MadShangi 's gonna cut a bitch down to size
When a bitch buys into this, it makes me laugh
Bitch go back to practicing witchcraft
Gonna go online and find your address
'Cause MadShangi's gonna kill a misandrist
Fuck you Germaine Greer, you pedophile granny
MadShangi's gonna expose you as a tranny
'The Beautiful Boy' was a great work of smut
Someone hide the kids from this horny old slut
The boy on your cover grew up, doesn't like it one bit
Being used as a poster child for your weak shit
You put it on there without his permission
on the cover to further your mission
You hate adult men and you love little boys
MadShangi says “Fuck your noise”
You're a professor, but you got no class
'Cause you reinvented yourself as a middle-aged pederast
Fuck you Oprah, you think you're the black queen
MadShangi says: “You're really the black fiend!”
Fuck your book club and fuck “O Magazine”
Burn it all down with a match and gasoline
I hate your show and everything you stand for
'Cause your nothing but a spoiled old rich whore
Fuck you, 'cause you're your own religion
'Cause your sanity is down to a smidgen
Your followers are half-wit, bandwagon-jumping trend slaves
The Church of Oprah of making waves
She acts as if her damn show has “evolved”
Another puzzle that MadShangi has solved
'Cause her show is still the same crap it was before
Salacious sex and deviance stories galore
With a shrink in the audience to make it all seem highbrow
You put this bitch's morals on a pedestal now
So fuck Oprah and fuck Dr. Phil
The two of them could chew on cyanide pills
'Cause women live in a world, that just isn't real
That's why my mom wrote to Miss Cleo
She believed her when, she said she was psychic
By the way, did you know I'm really Batman's sidekick?

Fuck the Feminists, 'cause they rule our schools
MadShangi's gonna expose these fools
They taking young gentlemen and feed them Ritalin
When it's nothing but crack cocaine for little children
schools get additional money for every child drugged
Ritalin may kill someone you love
ADD is an excuse, 'cause the system is lazy
That's why today's kids are growing up crazy
Shoot their fucking schools up, school violence
MadShangi is breaking the silence
The majority of teachers are clearly women
And they're puppets for Feminism
They fill bullshit into minds of the impressionable
What they teach is downright questionable
Boys are falling behind, while girls are getting ahead
'Cause the schools and feminism are in bed
They have the nerve to blame men for all date rape
On a so-called educational videotape
They never mention female-on-male cases
'Cause when you learn from a bitch, history erases
They'll preach female superiority, with impudence
and female teachers gets off after fucking their students
I wrote this song for all you fathers
That are estranged from your sons and daughters
I'm pissed off, so I'm sending right this off
To the bitches and that deserved to be kissed off
And some of you dumb fucks may try to stop me
'Cause your tools of the Illuminati
The war is on and it's either them or us
MadShangi says: “Fuck the Feminists”


  1. Bring it on, motherfucker.

  2. I got anony's back, IRL. Seriously. Publish your address. We'll see if you're the "Feminist Killa" then. I'd never deny women can be criminal...but clearly, this is a bit of an exaggeration. It's very easy for you to write don't have a vagina. Good job btw equating ADD kids in shools with the feminist agenda. TOTALLY makes sense. Dumbass.