Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Interview With Canadian Rapper: Vicious 5150

Hello, Shangi Fans! I'm sitting down with my homeboy by the name of VICIOUS 5150 - who is promoting his album "V.I.C.I.O.U.S." What went down, was a pretty colourful interview with the white Canadian rapper from the little known city of Port Coquitlam, home of Terry Fox and Robert Pickton.

MADSHANGI: What's up, yo?

VICIOUS: Not much just working on tracks for my next album, "Welcome To Area 5150," which Im dropping in January.

MADSHANGI: And where can you buy this album?

VICIOUS: You can either purchase it through myself, or at Asylum Ave Recording Studio, in New Westminster, BC, located at 627 Columbia Street, plus also useful information for those who are looking for a place to record their music.

MADSHANGI: Would it also be available online, for those outside of Canada and BC?

VICIOUS: Yes, how silly of me, it's also available for purchase online at

MADSHANGI: Yeah, that was silly of you. Shame on you! Shame for letting down the online fans. Well, at least I forgive you. So tell me something, V-Fitty... how would you describe your music?

VICIOUS: Please don't ever call me that again (LAUGHS)! My music to describe it, is a very versatile sound, because I basically for lack of a better term, showcase the various emotions of people, so I write whatever I'm feeling at the time.

MADSHANGI: How do you feel now?

VICIOUS: Annoyed at being called V-Fitty, I might kill you in your sleep...

MADSHANGI: How typical of a white rapper to resort to violence. And I thought I was your friend!

VICIOUS: Yea well some say that cucumbers taste better when pickled...

MADSHANGI: You come from a town called Port Coquitlam, which in the recent past came notorious for the pig farm owned by Robert Pickton. What are your two cents about those murders and the trial?

VICIOUS: Guy definitely doesn't know how to treat a woman, easily the worst first date in history.

MADSHANGI: And some people think that I have a problem with women, because of my affiliation with! I recently shared a blog with you, by a guy named Julian Real... what are your thoughts about THAT character?

VICIOUS: Well he doesn't seem like he respects a critic's opinion, and is very quick to judge just because of what he reads, but that's my opinion, maybe I'm wrong too.

MADSHANGI: You're right... he IS a fucking cocksucker. So, you once opened for Moka... or is it Moka Only? Only Moka?

VICIOUS: Yea, hes a very closeminded individual, I guess he doesn't like any other kind of coffee, and by golly he makes no bones about it. I also opened for the legendary Maestro Fresh Wes.

MADSHANGI: Who is your favorite rapper of all time?

VICIOUS: That's a tough call, I have so many favourites I couldn't choose just one

MADSHANGI: Aw, come on! Everyone's got a favorite. Are you afraid if you choose one over the others, they're going to get jealous?

VICIOUS: I'd say it's a toss up between Paris and LL Cool J.


VICIOUS: You said it, sister.

MADSHANGI: Why do you think LL's mother is so violent?

VICIOUS: Well she's not, she's clearly telling HIM to knock you out, so really, he's the violent one, she merely hands down the order.

MADSHANGI: Do you think that's typical of African-Americans?


MADSHANGI: Aw, come on. I was kidding. So what do you think is better? Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Lee's Famous Chicken?

VICIOUS: Thats a tough call, too.

MADSHANGI: Even though this is an interview about you, I'm such an egomaniac that I like to turn the conversation around to make it about me. Tell me about something that makes me sound cool.

VICIOUS: Well MadShangi is a pretty madly shangious name, wherever did you come up with it?

MADSHANGI: Hmmm, I don't know. That's a mystery even I can't solve. Out of all the tracks you recorded, do you have a personal favorite? And why?

VICIOUS: I'd have to say my song "Based On A True Story," because that song was probably the first time I really wrote something that really connected to a lot of youth everywhere in the world. The song is about a girl who was abused at home, so she had ran away from home, and ended up on the street, where she was introduced to a new lifestyle, which led her down an unfortunate path.

MADSHANGI: Of the tracks I heard... so far I like "Like This, Like That" the best.

VICIOUS: Why is that?

MADSHANGI: It's so catchy. It's got a good beat, and it sticks in my mind the most.

VICIOUS: Yea. a lot of people like that one, I frequently perform that one live at my shows.


Vicious 5150 and Lil Q - You Know This

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