Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Owner of Guru Gossip Blog Is a Dumb Cunt

Some people really are retarded. Retarded is an understatement when it comes to describing the human waste that is the owner of http://gurugossip.blogspot.com - a blog devoted to whining about Gurus on YouTube. Oh boo-hoo, you fucking child. What did the gurus ever do to you? Don't hate just 'cause yo ugly.

Here is an example of the kind of dumb-ass posts you'll be likely to find on GuruGossip:

Msfililocalola aka Msfili aka Ashlee Abella - update
So, I got an email from a supposed "real" friend of Ashlee Abella correcting me on the whole welfare thing. She's not on welfare. Her and her family actually have numerous foster children that they collect money for. This is why Ashlee will often refer to Friday as payday. That's the day she collects the cheque that is meant to be spent on the foster kids. That's class personified!!

FYI--- Torok, stickylipglossx and juicytuesday28 have no involvment in what I post on this blog. I post what I want to post and that's the end of the story. The email I got did NOT come from juicytuesday28 or stickylipglossx. If Msfili weren't guilty of something, she would have had no reason to go all psycho and delete her YouTube stuff. Use your heads, darlings.

Um, stalk much, bitch? Maybe you should get a real life instead of getting stuck on reporting on the lives of others? Don't you have "Gossip Girl" reruns to watch? Wasn't the new "Twilight" movies playing in your area? I'm assuming you're some teen bitch, 'cause who else could be that dumb and vaccuous?

I also read this little gem in the comments section:

GuruGossiper said...
If you want to report her, here's the info. Got this emailed to me from someone.

Foster Care Services
222 Provencher Boulevard
Winnipeg MB R2H 0G5
Phone: 944-4288
Fax: 944-4666 or 944-4503


For the person that claims that fostering is a job.... wrong. Fostering is a service that you volunteer to do because you want to help children in need. It doesn't matter where you live. The money provided by the government to foster parents is meant to be spent on the costs of providing for the foster children. It's not a pay cheque.

You are beyond sad. Posting someone's info like that? That's beyond sad.

TO REPORT THIS BITCH: http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/request.py?page=main_tos&blog_ID=4453912724191002717&blog_URL=http://gurugossiper.blogspot.com/