Friday, August 21, 2009

Graeme Stephen Tucker Is A Cyberstalker from New Zealand

Listen up, Shangi Fans! The MadShangi is under attack. Many moons ago, I made a video called "MadShangi Defends ChristianU2uber" which gained a little bit of attention on YouTube. That's when I came in contact with Graeme Stephen Tucker, age 51 - who shall forever be known as The Cyberstalker. The Cyberstalker first responded to "MadShangi Defends ChristianU2uber" from his XXYZGUY channel and I subscribed to him. But then, he started sending me these "other" videos from another channel. These videos were a smear fest against a man I have never met before: his name is Gavan Coleman. And the channel was colemansasod (now defunct). Gavan Coleman's YouTube channel is PeaceAndParty check it out.

I was wrong to call Julian Real a stalker, because Julian Real was just another pussy ass quiter. This guy was the true cyberstalker, I would come to learn that The Cyberstalker had been attacking this Gavan Coleman for months and months. He found out where the guy went to school and posted a link to the school's website underneath: "Where Gavan Went To School." He contacted his family members trying to pump them for information about their son, he had been contacting his subscribers spreading slander everywhere, trying to enlist complete strangers in his campaign of hate against Gavan. Strangers like me, The MadShangi. It didn't take long for me to see past his nice guy fascade he put on with me, and when I learned the truth about this guy. I spoke out against him in a video: "My Final Thoughts On Graeme Stephen Tucker He also hates a fella named Nicky ("Kamododragoon" on YouTube, an intersex man with Kallman's Syndrome who has strong beliefs about trans and intersex being two separate communities. The Cyberstalker calls him "Nicky the Bigot" and even posted showing his address, phone number, pictures of him, his house. While The Cyberstalker denies any involvement with that video, now removed from YouTube, those who have seen this video know it was the work of the Cyberstalker: who else would put "Don't Fuck With Graeme Tucker" in the video?

Interesting enough, The Cyberstalker's latest video is about the red flagging about one of my videos: "Fuck Feministing: The FuckYouTube Edition"

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  1. He's not just a cyber stalker he was a known paedophile who preyed on MANY young boys in the 80's in the Lower Hutt Valley Area and I personally know more than one man whos lives have been trashed by this monster - he was dubbed "Fucker Tucker" after the truth came out - its horrific - he fed kids as young as 7 years old LSD to get at them. I am horrified 30 years later to see him again..... still at it online! - how many people has this man got at over the years? He was chased out of the Hutt Valley late 80's early 90's from memory. By the time our car pulled up his place (which he co owned) was already smashed up and he had left. Some of the people he preyed on have suicided or died in drug circumstances since then. Are the NZ police not aware of this? He f"s them up so bad the victims cant face it and do anything to block it. I wish they would come forward. As long as they dont his deviancy rampages on. I dont recognise his bloated face but once I heard that creepy voice I knew it was him. And yes he has plastiballs. He uses his "sad" claimed chromosonal condition as a platform for sexual discussions and exchanges or to befriend the family members of his future victims first. Does anyone know if he's actually been charged for anything hes done?